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LED LIPO Therapy for Tilbury

Evolution Studios is introducing advanced LED LIPO Therapy to the Tilbury area, enabling you to lose up to three inches within your first, free session. We are so confident in the results found using LED LIPO Therapy, that we are giving Tilbury residents the chance to book their first session completely free of charge. Experience LED LIPO Therapy and see the difference, with no contracts, membership fees, or strings attached.

Your weight loss starts here, as we are the first weight loss studio serving the Tilbury area that uses advanced LED LIPO Therapy to dissolve your fat cells. We take a multi-pronged approach to your weight loss and combine LED LIPO Therapy with Gravity Resistant Training and Personal Weight Loss Coaching to ensure your success.

Targeted LED LIPO Therapy

Experience our advanced LED LIPO Therapy, a non-invasive body contouring system that targets the stubborn fatty areas on your body, stimulating your fat cells to liquefy, allowing them to be absorbed by your lymphatic system and easily converted into energy.

Weight Loss Treatments With Results

Our weight loss program is created to ensure your see remarkable results. Our well rounded range of weight loss technologies start with our LED LIPO Therapy, and continue to our effective Gravity Resistant Training and our Personal Weight Loss Coaching, ensuring you have the tools you need for success.

See results with LED LIPO Therapy

Our LED LIPO Therapy is a gentle weight loss option, giving quick results, without requiring healing from surgery. Using LED LIPO Therapy, along with our other advanced weight loss tools, is the most effective way to start your weight loss.

You can expect to say goodbye to 2-3 inches during your first, completely free session – absolutely incredible.

Jump start your weight loss with LED LIPO Therapy, learn more by visiting our weight loss studio located at 138 King Street West, Chatham or phone us and we will book your free session.

It's never been so easy to look so good!Book your FREE weight-loss session in Chatham or St. John's & lose up to 3 inches!