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Loose Skin in St. John’s

With Evolution Studios, residents in St. John’s now have access to state of the art technology that targets and helps eliminate loose skin. Tighten your loose skin with our resurfacing equipment and lose inches. With our innovative loose skin banishing technology, you can see a significant change in your body, risk free, as your first loose skin targeting session is completely complimentary

We are first studio of our kind in the St. John’s area, offering you an innovative loose skin targeting option that requires no surgery. Our loose skin session are designed to focus on your trouble areas, giving your loose skin a firmer and more toned look. Our multi-step process aids your body in the elimination of your loose skin.

Firming LED LIPO Therapy

We begin tightening your loose skin by using high-tech LED LIPO Therapy, a non-surgical body contouring system that helps stimulate your fat cells and reduces the amount of loose skin, allowing for a firmer and tighter appearance.

Focused Gravity Resistant Training

When your loose skin has been resurfaced and your fat cells liquified, you move on to our Gravity Resistant Training which is designed to get the fat burning system in your body activated to assist in dissolving your body fat and tightening your loose skin. This technology burns more calories in 10 minutes than traditional exercise will in one hour.

Long-Term Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Maintain your weight loss and continue to banish loose skin with a meeting with a personal weight loss coach who is ready to help educate you on eating habits that will continue to decrease the appearance of loose skin.

Within your first free loose skin targeting session you can expect to lose 2-3 inches – results that are simply amazing!

We can help you say goodbye to your loose skin, stop by our studio located in St. John’s, or contact us to book your free loose skin targeting session today.

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