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Tummy Tuck for Blenheim

Let Evolution Studios give you a safer alternative to a tummy tuck with our advanced weight-loss programs. Blenheim residents now have access to our non-surgical tummy tuck services, technology that remains at the forefront of weight-loss technologies. Our non-invasive tummy tuck procedures give results fast, with up to three inches lost within your first complimentary session!

Try our unique combination of weight-loss programs, designed to give you the results of a tummy tuck without the pain. We provide our Blenheim customers with a non-surgical tummy tuck option, saving you money and healing time.

LED LIPO Therapy for your tummy

Your non-surgical tummy tuck begins with our innovative LED LIPO Therapy, a technology that attacks fat cells under your skin, allowing them to unleash their fat content to be absorbed by your lymphatic system.

Stimulating Gravity Resistant Training

To maximize your tummy tuck results from our LED LIPO Therapy, you continue to our gravity resistant training, designed to activate the fat burning system within your body to dissolve your fat quickly and help you lose inches. Our GRT machines not only help burn calories, they can also help jump start your metabolism.

Knowledgeable Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Once you’ve completed your gravity resistant training, we continue your non-surgical tummy tuck process by having you work one-on-one with one of our personal weight loss coaches. Learn how to fuel your body to maximize your tummy tuck results

You no longer need to worry about your extra skin and belly fat when you have our gentle tummy tuck services

We are excited to begin your tummy tuck journey, visit our location at 138 King Street West, Chatham or get in touch with us to book your complimentary first session.

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