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Tummy Tuck for Chatham-Kent

We are proud to present a much safer alternative to tummy tucks for individuals local to Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Evolution Studios provides state of the art weight-loss services that will give you similar results to a tummy tuck, without the pain and cost associated with surgery.  We are at the forefront of the development of non-surgical tummy tuck technologies and offer residents of Chatham-Kent the ability to experience a free weight-loss session!

Our combination of non-surgical tummy tuck programs will benefit Chatham-Kent fat reduction patients by cost-effectively and efficiently combining technologies in a comfortable, pain-reduced fashion, allowing all patients to return to activities of daily living immediately.

Learn about LED LIPO Therapy

We begin your non-surgical tummy tuck procedures with LED LIPO Therapy, which is a non-invasive body contouring system designed to stimulate your fat cells, so that they liquefy and become absorbed by your lymphatic system.

Experience Gravity Resistant Training

To continue your non-surgical tummy tuck journey, we provide you with simple training to get the fat burning system activate within your body, allowing you to dissolve your body fat quickly and effectively. High acceleration vibration training is designed to burn calories while increasing your metabolism.

Effective Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Maintaining your non-surgical tummy tuck results on your own can be difficult, which is why we teach our clients how to properly fuel their bodies, maintaining weight-loss and keeping the tummy tuck look.

Say goodbye to that extra skin and belly fat with our non-surgical tummy tuck options

Begin your tummy tuck journey today, save time and money by dropping in our studio located at 138 King Street West, Chatham or contact us to book your free session today.

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