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Tummy Tuck for Tilbury

Residents in Tilbury now have access to a safe substitute to tummy tuck procedure with Evolution Studios. Jump start your weight-loss with our state of the art technology and get your tummy tuck results quickly. Our innovative tummy tuck programs mean you get results within your first complimentary and risk-free session, without the danger associated with tummy tuck surgery.

Our Tilbury residents are able to get back to the activities of daily living immediately with our non-surgical tummy tuck procedures. Save time and money with our non-invasive weight-loss programs, designed to give you the results of a tummy tuck without the hassle.

Gentle tummy tuck with LED LIPO Therapy

The first stop in your tummy tuck journey begins with LED LIPO Therapy, a cutting-edge technology that attacks the fat cells you want targeted, dissolving them so they are quickly absorbed by your lymphatic system and converted into energy.

Calorie Burning Gravity Resistant Training

When we’ve liquidized your fat cells, you continue your tummy tuck procedures with our gravity resistant training in order to activate the fat burning system in your body to dissolve targeted fat. The high acceleration vibration training will not only burn calories, but will also help to increase your metabolism.

Extensive Personal Weight Loss Coaching

When you’ve completed your gravity resistant training, your tummy tuck process continues with one-on-one time with our personal weight loss coaches where you will learn the nutrition skills necessary to continue your tummy tuck transformation.

Let our advanced tummy tuck process banish your extra skin and belly fat for good

Get quick results with our non-surgical tummy tuck procedures by stopping by our studio at 138 King Street West, Chatham or reaching us by phone to book your free session today.

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