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Weight Loss Coaching for Wallaceburg

Experience advanced technology and expert weight loss coaching with Evolution Studios, allowing Wallaceburg residents to lose up to three inches within their first free session. The results from our weigh loss coaching are so remarkable that we are pleased to offer Wallaceburg residents their first weight loss coaching session absolutely free of charge, allowing you to lose inches with out any hidden fees or contracts.

As the first studio of our kind in Wallaceburg, we combine expert weight loss coaching and technology to get you losing weight and inches fast. Our weight loss sessions begin with our advanced LED LIPO Therapy and Gravity Resistant Training, and then continue with your own personalized weight loss coaching session, ensuring your weight loss is maintained.

Targeted LED LIPO Therapy

Before beginning your weight loss coaching, you start with our effective LED LIPO Therapy – a non-invasive body contouring system that gets the fat cells in your body activated, liquefying them to be easily absorbed into your lymphatic system, converting your fat into energy.

Time Saving Gravity Resistant Training

To continue your weight loss coaching, you move on to our stimulating Gravity Resistant Training, designed to trigger your bodies fat burning system, allowing your body fat to dissolve fast. The use of this technology for only 10 minutes burns just as many calories as it would take to burn on a regular exercise machine for 60 minutes.

Get Results With Weight Loss Coaching

We want you to continue on the path towards life-long weight loss success, which is why you finish each weight loss session with personalized weight loss coaching, a one-on-one session with one of our expert weight loss coaches.

See the difference of up to 3 inches during your first no-charge session.

We are excited to provide you with expert weight loss coaching, drop by our weight loss studio located at 138 King Street West, Chatham or get in touch with us to reserve your weight loss coaching session.

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