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Weight-loss for Kingsville

Evolution Studios provide state of the art weight-loss services which enable you to lose up to three inches within your first, complimentary booking. We believe in our weight-loss services so much, that we are happy to provide a free weight-loss session to residents residing in Kingsville, so you can review your weight-loss results for yourself! There are no contracts, membership fees, or strings attached to your free weight-loss session!

We are the first weight loss studio serving residents of Kingsville with innovative weight-loss advancements which are designed to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. We take a multi-faceted approach, starting with LED LIPO Therapy, Gravity Resistant Training, and Personal Weight Loss Coaching to help ensure that your weight-loss stays on track.

Advanced LED LIPO Therapy

Our approach to weight-loss starts with LED LIPO Therapy – a non-invasive body contouring system which stimulates your fat cells, so that they liquefy, and become absorbed by your lymphatic system, resulting in your fat being converted into energy which can be burned off.

Innovative Gravity Resistant Training

Once your fat cells have been liquidized, we’ll provide you with simple training to get your bodies fat burning system activated in order to dissolve your body fat quickly and effectively. Using this type of technology for only 10 minutes, burns the same amount of calories as it would take to burn using regular exercise machines, in one hour!

Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Once your Gravity Resistant Training is complete, our personal weight-loss coaches will teach you how to fuel your body properly during your weight-loss program, providing the tools for life-long success.

You can expect to lose 2-3 inches within your first, free session – which is truly remarkable.

We are excited to start your weight-loss journey, drop in at our weight-loss studio located at 13167 Tecumseh Road East, Tecumseh or call us to book your free session today.

It's never been so easy to look so good!Book your FREE weight-loss session in Chatham, Windsor or London & lose up to 3 inches!