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Whats New This Week (May 14, 2018)

What’s New This Week at Evolution Studios




Posted by Gordie Howlett on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Recipe of the Week


Chicken Pizza on the BBQ


2 Naan bread

½ tsp. olive oil

6 tbsp. Magic barbecue sauce

2 cups 10oz cubed chicken breast cooked

1/8 cup onions, diced

1/8 cup mushrooms, sliced

¼ cup green peppers, diced

1 oz shredded mozzarella cheese

1 oz shredded cheddar cheese

Brush the edge of the naan bread with olive oil; spread sauce. Top with chicken, onions, mushroom and green peppers and cheese. Grill at medium-high indirect heat until cheese is melted and bread has reached desired crispiness.

Pizza serves four. One serving equals

 ½ protein, 1starch, 1/4 vegetable, 1/2 dairy and ¼ fat.

Evolutioner of the Week

We are congratulating yet another one of our clients, who is now swim suit ready. Amber you have done amazing!!! A big thanks from us, for letting us share your amazing transformation.


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