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Weight-Loss Testimonials

“I had reached a point in my life where I was desperate and determined to lose weight.   It has been a trying past couple of years reaching menopause and taking care of a sick family member while trying to be maintain stability in my own household.  I found no time to take care of my own needs, as I watched the pounds grow and could do nothing about it.

Once my life came back on track, I knew it was time for me to gain control of my own health and self esteem.  I tried desperately to find an avenue to lose weight and no matter what I tried nothing was successful. I spoke to my doctor regarding my options or was there something that I could take that would kick start my metabolism?  He mentioned cool scrupling and maybe that was an option. So I did my research, made the appointment and did not look back. I did one treatment that was very painful and left a hard mass in my lower abdomen, so I knew I could not continue with this process as it just wasn’t worth it to me.

Then I found Evolution studios, gave them a call and they offered me a free session, just to try it out.   When I entered the Studio I was very sceptical and told them of my past journey and showed them the hard mass I was left with.  Both Kait and Harvey listened to every word I said and assured me that they could help. So I met with Kait and we discussed a meal plan, did my measurements and off I went to be paddled up.  It was a relaxing, non abrasive treatment. Once, I finished the paddles it was on to the vibe machine with Harvey. He offered so much support and encouragement one on one, as I tried my hardest to do all the exercises.   Image a personal trainer that will give you undivided attention for 10 minutes to burn 350 calories and build my strength and muscles. That day I signed up and have continued my weight loss journey with them by my side, supporting and encouraging me with every step I take.   They understand the little slips along the way and offer advice or alternatives to help me through my hurdles. They genuinely offer positive encourage to keep me focused and on track. I have watched myself transform over the past 3 months to a weight loss of 25lbs and 17.5 inches.   And the hard mass that developed in my lower abdomen has shrunk considerably. I look forward to my weekly appointments, as it is not a core but a way of life for me at this time. You can’t put a price tag on what they have done for me!

I am very pleased with the results I have reaped through Evolution Studios and I would highly recommend giving them a try.  And when you think about it, what confidence they have in their service as they offer you an opportunity to try at no cost to you other than your time.   That’s amazing!”

Barb D

“A big Thank You to Amanda & Gord! I completed this program 10 months ago & have kept the weight off. Not only did it exceed my expectations, the one on one counselling helped me achieve my goal & lead a healthier lifestyle!”

Shelley H

I started my journey on June 29 this year …on the last 2 years I have gained about 40lb going from 140lb to 180 lb ..mostly due to hormone medication for my Endemetrios , anyway last year I was going to the gym about 5 days a week at CrossFit ..I didn’t see the results that I needed I only end it up building bigger thighs and in the process injured a muscle …now how I find out of Evolution ? I was going for my walk and I was on Richmond street and out it popped out an electronic sign advertising Evolution and how u could loose up to 3 inches in one session…so I went home and went online and to their website to find more about it..I am so ever happy that I did first free session with Amanda and Gord got me down 2 inches from my hips and thighs most problem area ..every week I look forward to my two meeting with this great team that has helped me in just about 3 months loose 32.4 lb and 21 inches..I have only 12lb to go to reach my goal of 140lb…the most amazing thing is that I wasn’t starving and I wasn’t on any protein shake that still has enough sugar ..the program thought me to do it with food from the grocery store and boy the most amazing thing is that I sweat in 10 minutes on the vibration machine that I used to do in 45 minutes at CrossFit which leaves me with lots of energy instead of sore muscle..Amanda and Gord are the most amazing people that will help u in any way they can to help anyone reach their from the bottom of my heart I want to thank those wonderful people that has helped and encouraged me along my journey”


“Let me just start by saying that in the past I have tried different exercise programs, diet plans and weight loss products, but have not been successful in losing the weight and the inches off my waist that I wanted to. I am 51 years old, healthy and fairly active but let’s face it, as we get older our metabolism slows down and it gets harder and harder to take the weight off. I was at the point that I was even considering having gastric bypass surgery or liposuction done to help me get the look back that I wanted again.

The idea of having surgery scared me though, so when I heard about Evolution Studios and their Lipo Body Sculpting Program as an alternative to surgery I wanted to know more. To start, LED Lipo Therapy is a non-invasive procedure using a low-level light technology to target fat stored in your body. It works to convert your fat deposits into energy and melt tissue, which is then burned off during 10 minutes of post-treatment exercise on a Gravity Resistance Training (GRT) machine. The GRT machine burns the same amount of calories in 10 minutes that it would take to burn in an hour on a normal exercise machine.

Well, I completed a total of 12 treatments over a six week period and my results were amazing! I was thrilled that I lost 16 lbs., but what’s even more impressive? I lost a total of 12 inches off of my midsection! I look great, have more energy now and I feel absolutely amazing! All I had to do was invest half an hour of my time twice a week and the best part, no down time! A great big thank you to Amanda and Gord at Evolution Studios, both of you rock!”


“I will admit that I was very skeptical about the whole concept and how it could work for me!
Amanda let me try it for a free session – I was still skeptical but desperate to look and feel better about myself.
I signed up for 8 sessions got great results n now I am hooked!
To date I have lost a total of 28″ and 13 of those inches since September 5th.
I cannot believe the transformation of my shape. My clothes look fantastic an fit comfortably again.
Thank you Amanda and Gord for bringing this amazing technology to us!”


“Hi All. So, I had gastric bypass four years ago. I have to say that that decision was the best I’ve made for myself in a long time. I lost 133 lbs in 7 months. Great right?! Yes, but, I was left with saggy, loose, just unattractive skin. I felt so awful about this extra skin that I booked a plastic surgery to remove it. Well in my venture to help myself feel better, I came across an ad for evolution on google. I thought, “hey, what can I lose other then something I don’t want anyway.” So, I made the appointment.

My fist visit was amazing. I was greeted by a woman that was so happy and enthusiastic, I felt completely at home (even when she was putting the paddles down my pants lol). She told me that I would get great results and after my 20 min relaxation with the paddles, she was right! 1/2 an inch gone after 20 minutes WOW!! She had me right there!

Next, over to the vibe machine. Looks a little intimidating but her husband ensured me it was in my best interest to give it a try. So, I listened lol. And I didn’t hate it lol. Everyone needs a little push to get into fitness and he just happened to be mine. His friendly and reassuring nature makes a workout tolerable.

I signed on for 8 weeks of sessions that day. So far, it’s been 3 weeks (6 visits) and I have officially lost 2.5 inches just from my arms. I love this place!! The atmosphere and amazing personalities make this place feel like a treat and not a chore. I can’t wait for my final results!! P.S. I cancelled my plastic surgery appointment!!

“Since joining Evolution Studios, I have noticed so many benefits. I have increased energy; my body is tighter and more toned. I have lost not only weight but inches thanks to the LED treatments and it even helped with my stretch marks. I feel you get a far better workout using the Hypervibe vs the gym in half the time. I can feel it working on each of my troubled areas every session. I can’t say enough about the service completely amazing!!! I want for nothing and feel like a part of the family. I would recommend Evolution Studios to anyone who wants to lose weight, become healthier and lose inches”.”


“I can’t believe the changes that I have experienced since starting Evolution Studios. I at well prior to starting and no matter what I did I just could not lose weight. Since I have been doing the LED Lipo treatments and using the vibration platform, I have noticed so many great benefits. In just over 1 month I have lost over 15 pounds and 8.5 inches. Not only that but I have now hit my goal. I would recommend using the vibration platform to anyone with sciatic or arthritis, it rarely bothers me anymore. I don’t have the twinge when I get up, before starting it really affected me terribly. Amanda and Gord have been amazing; I love the one on one support and coaching they both make it all about me and my needs. I live out of town and enjoy coming in my 2 times a week, I will continue coming in to use the vibration platform training because of the health benefits”


“My 1st visit to the studio was on Aug 14. I was only going to “try it out” the one time. I was interested to see if it was really possible to lose inches in 1 session. I have fought with my weight for several years now due to a hysterectomy and medications and could never stick to a regimen for very long…if I didn’t see results quickly I would give up!
SOOOOO, I’m still here! I did lose inches in one session and I have now done approx 10 sessions and have lost 8.4lbs and …wait for it!!!….12 inches!
I have been so pleased with my results and I’m not spending hours a week at a gym. Just 2 days a week I go and each time I’m out of there in 30 min. Amanda and Gord are amazing and keep you motivated and you feel like you’ve known them forever. I can’t say enough about Evolution Studios and I’m so happy I decided to “try it”


“I am so glad I joined Evolution Studios; I feel so much better and am at the lowest weight I have ever been at!!! I have lost so many noticeable inches and I think I look better than I have in a very long time. I am in clothes I have not been able to wear and see a very big difference in me. I would say to anybody to join Evolution Studios and enjoy the difference you can see in yourself. I t is such a great place to go, and the service is out of this world and they really know what they are talking about”.


“So I went to the wedding show and met up with 2 amazing people from evolution studios. They offered a free session if I would come in and try their fat burning machines. I am a skeptic when it comes to this stuff but for free I figured I would try it. On a side note I bought my wedding dress and couldn’t zip it I thought I would have to get it altered After only 4 sessions I tried it on and zipped it up no problem. I still can’t believe the results. After having kids you always have extra problem areas that you would love to get rid of but can’t. I find this is really working for me. Thanks Kait and Harvey and for all your help.”


“Most interesting and effective work out I’ve done. From Pilates to CrossFit I’ve done many kinds of workouts. I do love this . Harvey is encouraging and knows when to challenge me to keep me interested . Kait keeps me accountable…i love it !!!”


“Have just completed a one-month session at Evolution. The experience was not only revolutionary, but also most enjoyable, thanks to the friendly personalities of the staff – trainer, Harvey and his lovely partner, Kait. Not only did I lose 9 lbs. but also a total of 12.5 inches.”


“I joined Evolution Studios because I was starting a new job and I decided it was time to get in shape and for change. I was tired and sluggish and now I have the energy to get through my days. I found Evolution Studios very convenient and flexible. If I could inspire one per I would let them know that Evolution Studios was fast, easy and it works!”


“I have had nothing but great experiences at Evolution Studios. They are wonderful at what they do! I always feel motivated, energized and inspired from the moment I walk in for my appointment to the moment I leave.”

Tracy C

“I started at Evolution Studios 5 weeks ago after winning a free session from The Wedding Odyssey. From the moment I walked in for my first consultation, Kait and Harvey were welcoming. They always provide a friendly and comfortable environment, while pushing me to reach my goals. I actually look forward to my sessions each week. I couldn’t ask for a better dream team!”

Ashley D

“I’ve been going to Evolution Studios for 2 months now, and I love going! Kait and Harvey are an amazing team! They will work with you to help you reach your goals! They have both gone above and beyond to help me loose weight and make it a life style!”

Brittany C

“Kait at evolution studios is amazing! They are all very friendly, full of knowledge. I feel at home every time I come. I have had amazing results that I never thought I could have since I started at the end of February! Thank you for everything you do!”

Kathleen K

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