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Lose Weight in St. John’s

Evolution Studios offers state of the art weight-loss services, giving you the power to lose weight dramatically – lose up to three inches during your complimentary first session!

Trying to lose weight can be a struggle, let us partner with you on your weight-loss journey by offering St. John’s residents a free weight-loss residents. We can help you lose body weight fast and experience results at no cost! Sign up for your free initial weight-loss session with no contracts or membership fees needed!

We are pioneers in the weight loss industry, offering the first weight loss advancements of our kind in St. John’s. We’ve designed our weight loss program to help you lose weight and inches quickly, using a combination of LED Lipo Therapy, Gravity Resistant Training, and Personal Weight Loss Coaching. Our multi-faceted approach ensures you have the power to not only lose weight, but keep it off.

LED LIPO Therapy to help you lose weight

We’ve made losing weight easy. Your weight-loss begins with our LED LIPO Therapy – a gentle body contouring system that stimulates fat cells in order to liquefy them so they can become absorbed by your lymphatic system. This results in your fat being converted into energy that is easily burned off, no surgery needed.

Lose weight with Gravity Resistant Training

Once those pesky fat cells have been liquidized, we start you with simple training, designed to get your bodies fat burning system primed and ready for action, allowing it to dissolve your body fat and help you lose weight quicker. Just 10 minutes using our technology will get you burning the same number of calories as you would on a regular exercise machine for an hour!

Lose weight with our Personal Weight Loss Coaching

After you’ve completed your Gravity Resistant Training, let our personal weight loss coaches educate you on how to lose weight by properly fueling your body during the weight-loss program and after, giving you the tools for success.

Anticipate seeing a difference of 2-3 inches of weight in your first, free session alone – results that are remarkable.

Let us be your partner along your path to losing weight and drop by our weight loss studio located in St. John’s. You can also reach us by phone to schedule your complimentary weight loss session.


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